Designing products that delight users and achieve business goals requires a wide range of skills.

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User research

I am skilled in conducting user research to gain insights and understanding of user needs and preferences. I use this information to inform my design decisions and create products that meet the needs of the users.

Visual design

I have expertise in designing intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that are easy to navigate. I keep myself updated with the latest UX design trends and best practices to create engaging and delightful user experiences.

Prototyping and testing

I am skilled in creating interactive prototypes that simulate user interactions with the product. I conduct user testing to gather feedback and insights, which I use to refine the design and improve the user experience.


Design systems

I have experience in creating and maintaining design systems that ensure consistency across different products and platforms. I document design guidelines and provide resources for developers to ensure that the design is implemented as intended.

Strategic thinking

I think strategically and align design decisions with business goals. I understand the market and competition and create designs that differentiate the product and provide value to the users.

Agile methodologies

I am familiar with agile methodologies and can work in fast-paced environments. I am adaptable to changing requirements and prioritize tasks effectively to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.

How we'll work together

As a design partner, I am available to provide assistance to both early stage startups and established companies that are looking to enhance their existing products or expand into new markets. If you need guidance in software design, human interaction, and the gap between, then I am here to help you create something from the ground up. 
I can work independently or join your product team directly. And if necessary, I can even assemble a group of experts for the task - all without the need for a large agency.