How Designers Can Use Research to Improve SaaS Applications

February 28, 2023


As product designers, the success of any software development project is dependent on understanding users and creating a product that meets their needs. The key to achieving and understanding user satisfaction is through user research.

By conducting user interviews, gathering user feedback, and analyzing data, designers can develop an understanding of how users interact with the product and use this knowledge to create a better design. In this post, I will discuss the importance of user interviews and why it makes it so easy to design a SaaS product that everyone loves.

One of the most important steps in developing a successful SaaS product is understanding users' needs. By engaging with users and getting feedback on what features and functions they need, product managers can create a product that meets their expectations.

User interviews provide an opportunity to ask questions and gather insights into user requirements, expectations, and usage habits. This information can then be used to refine the design of the product and ensure it meets the needs of its intended audience.

Interviewing users of SaaS products makes it easy to design the right solutions because it provides direct access to the people who will be using the product. By engaging with the users, product designers can gain an understanding of their specific needs and preferences, which can be used to create a product that meets those needs.

Users are motivated to provide feedback because any improvements to the product will help them do their jobs better and more efficiently.


This table for the admin view was updated based on real user feedback, such as adding the ability to click and view all errors.

Conducting user interviews is not the only way to gather user data. Surveys are another great way to gain feedback from potential customers. Surveys can be used to gauge customer satisfaction levels, determine what features and functions are most important to them, or to get feedback on aspects like pricing or UI/UX design.

By leveraging automated survey tools such as Typeform, Survey Monkey, or Qualtrics, product teams can quickly collect large amounts of data from users that can be used to inform the software design process.

As we all know, user research plays a critical role in designing a successful SaaS product by providing valuable insights into user needs and behavior which can help inform decision making during each stage of development from concept creation all the way through launch day.

By engaging with users directly through interviews and surveys, incorporating their feedback in prototype designs through usability testing, and streamlining processes with prototyping tools like InVision or Figma – product designers will be able set themselves up for success in creating amazing products that users love.